BET Cyphers 10.16.2013

Ayooo guys wassup? This week we had the BET Hip Hop Award Show and you know that means… the BET Cyphers! (and the Pro Era Cypher too). I just kinda arbitrarily gave reviews to the cyphers.

Kevin Hart (as Chocolate Droppa), Nick Cannon, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, Dwayne Martin, and JB Smooth: eh/10
Definitely a joke cypher so I mean that’s pretty cool. If you’re looking for bars though skip this one fosho.

Kendrick Lamar & TDE: 8.5/10
First of all. First of all. Firssssttttt oooffff aaaaalllll the name is whack. Why do they have to call it Kendrick Lamar and TDE? Isn’t Kendrick Lamar a member of TDE? Aren’t Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, and Isaiah Rashad (a new dude to TDE) as dope as KennyKenKendrick Llama? Anyway, either way, this is probably my favorite cypher in terms of actual bars spat. If you guys are fans of TDE then you’ll like this cypher, they all do their thing. Jay Rock probably spit my favorite verse. Or maybe Ab-Soul. Or maybe Kendrick. They’re all good. Nah it was Jay Rock.

Slaughterhouse: 8/10
Doing their thing on the same beat as the XXL 2011 Freshman Cypher ft Yelawolf, Kendrick, Lil B, and Cyhi da Prince. I dug the XXL cypher more, but I mean this one is still heeeellla dope. “I’m so street look both ways before you cross me”, daaaamn Crooked I with the bars!!!

A$AP Mob: 7.5/10
I gotta be honest, this is my favorite no questions about it. None of the verses really stood out for me or anything, but it’s just a dope ass sounding song. Plus I’m a huge fan of Rocky and Ferg’s flows. Ferg is like a cartoon version of a rapper. Rocky just makes anything sound so cool. He could be like, “my cat in the hat has a mat with a bat” and it’d sound smooth. Plus Ant, Twelvy, and Nast proved that they have the ability to rap too so that was pretty cool beans. Also question to you guys: why are only half the words censored?

Action Bronson, Starlife Breezy, Travi$ Scott, Tiffany Foxx & Lil’ Kim comeonyouguyscandobetter/10
Hmmm I mean…. idk I just didn’t like it that much. I have this thing though, where if I don’t know the artists that much I’ll tend not to like it… so take it with a grain of salt fosho. Action Bronson aka Bronsolino did what he does and sounded dope doing it, and I actually dug Starlife’s verse too. Wasn’t really feeling the rest of them that much though, but they’re still solid.

Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz & Jon Connor: 8/10
This cypher surprised me the most. I’ve heard of Jon Connor, but none of these other cats and I was pleasantly surprised with their bars. Wax was really dope. I love that style of rapping, with the strong articulation and unexpected rhymes like “hunter gather/happier”. Rapsody. Maaaan Rapsody. I’ve never heard of Rapsody and then she spits a verse this dope. Not to be that guy, but I mean I gotta call out the skill level difference between Rapsody (who was spittin supa hot fire) and Lil Kim (who was…who was present at the cypher). Emis Killa was cool I guess, but everything was in Italian so I didn’t really get it… Rittz was cool beans with his crazy hair, but something wasn’t quite right about him. Maybe his voice? Idk but I still def liked him. Jon Connor did his thing, but in my opinion Rapsody threw down in this cypher.

Pro Era 7/10
Pro Era came in and did their thing. I really dug T’anh Apex, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, and Joey Bada$$. I also was really surprised with Dessi Hinds, and A La $ole who did their thing too. Some of the other guys felt kinda weird to me though. JAB was really cool in the beginning I thought, but over time it sounded like his mouth was getting filled with spit so he was talking with a full mouth. Dirty Sanchez is kinda eh to me still. I don’t know why, but something about him irks me. Maybe it was just because he was on that Wu beat…how are you not gonna go intense on a Wu beat?

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