New Music 1.22.2014

Ayooo what’s up! Time for some new music, but first of all I figure I’d post some stuff that I only got around to listening to recently but that has been out for a while. Actually I’ll put new music first. Formatting and all.


ScHoolboy Q- Break the Bank (soundcloud stream) 7/10
I mean it’s cool. It’s just a new track off of his new album, Oxymoron. Apparently despite the fact that he’s already released a ton of new music, only Collared Greens, Man of the Year, and Break the Bank will by on Oxy. Which is cool I guess. But I mean Yay Yay was cool.

Riff Raff- Intro to Neon Icon (video stream, leak) 7/10
Yo Riff Raff doin his thing. I’m actually a Riff Raff fan so I enjoyed the song. The instrumental is really late 80s/early 90s hip hoppy, so I’m thinking a lot of people who are into golden age hip-hop might like this one. Or hate it.

Cochran- On Sight remix (bandcamp stream) 8/10
Yoooo this is dope. If you’re only gonna listen to one song, and you’re always thinking, “Dang Colin always posts these whackass songs. Where are the remixed industrial hip-hop songs that are now jazz lounge sounding?” If you ever thought that, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t then good for you. I mean that’s a weird thing to think.

Childish Gambino- Centipede  (video stream) 8/10
Definitely one of my favorite recent CG releases, if not my favorite. Check out Before the Internet if you haven’t. I read somewhere that it’s a combination of MBDTF and Channel Orange. That’s a pretty good comparison. This song sounds like CGs version of a MBDTF track.
OLD MUSIC (not old old, just not super new)

Clear Soul Forces- pp7 (album stream)
Yo this is good.

Denzel Curry- Nostalgic 64 (album stream)
Yo this is good too.

Justin Timberlake- TKO Remix ft Pusha T, J Cole, A$AP Rocky (video stream)
Pusha T, J Cole, and Rocky. I mean that says a lot.

Rick Ross- The Devil is a Lie ft. Jay Z (video stream)
Lots of fun, “hugh”s by Ricky Rossay. Overall a good song

Run the Jewels (Killer Mike+El-P) – Pew Pew Pew (video stream)
If you’re into Run the Jewels, this is more Run the Jewels. If you don’t like Run the Jewels, then… then we not friends :/ Also related to Run the Jewels, they’ve had a lot of fun videos recently: Favorite Rap Duos, Life Advice, Things to Avoid, etc.

Other related stuff

Over/Under ft Danny Brown
It’s a video where DB judges stuff.

Damn I swear I had more to put into here.

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