New Music 10.30.2013

Ayo how’s it hangin guys? Hopefully how it should be hanging. Let’s get started with…

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 stream DOPE IF YOU DON’T LIKE THIS ALBUM I HATE YOU. (jk but maybe, those two things aren’t mutually exclusive)
Bad Guy: At first I was like, “eh… i’m not really feeling it…” and then the chorus came on and I was thinking, “hmmm not really feeling the whole poppy chorus” and then it becomes hella good. Fucking Slim Shady right here.
Parking Lot (skit): it’s a skit so I mean… it’s kinda whatever, but it’s definitely MMLP sounding. I diiiiiig it.
Rhyme or Reason: I’m not so sure about the sample/chorus… but the song is dope regardless. I think I’m too used to the original so it throws me off a bit.
So Much Better: The beat sounds really classic Em to me. The song overall is pretty cool but not, “OMG SO DOPEEEEE” status. It’s still a good song though fosho.
Survival: mmm this is honestly one of the lower points on the album for me. I just don’t like it that much. I think it’s the yell-y voice+ the chorus that Im not liking. Nothing really stands out for me I guess.
Legacy: Sounds really Stan-y too me. As in the song Stan… yeah but it’s personal reflection instead of a fan’s… I dig!
Asshole: mmm one of those ok songs fosho.
Berzerk: This song definitely grew on me overtime. At first it was so all over the place I couldn’t really groove to it, but after a couple
Rap God: I think I already mini reviewed this? If I didn’t here it goes: Technically super good, the beats cool, I love the beat break down, I love the “I walk a flocka flames… what the fuck you thinking” with the same flow from Hard in the Paint. “so gay I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy” was hella funny. How can you not like super intense machine gun Em?
Brainless: This one is pretty ok too. Mmm I mean there’s nothing that’s wrong with it, I’m just not digging it as much? I love his rhyme scheme in this song though.
Stronger Than I Was: not feeling this one. It’s from the perspective of Kim Mathers which is pretty cool… but I mean it isn’t really my thing.
The Monster: Straight up a burrito with whackamole right here. I’m not into his poppy songs.
So Far…: DUDEEE WHAT’S UP WITH ALL OF THESE ROCK SAMPLES? The Eagles, The Zombies, some other ones I know but can’t identify…I’m actually a huge 60-70s rock fan so it’s kinda throwing me off, but it’s… really interesting. Kinda bluesy/rocky/country groove going on here. When the “The Real Slim Shady” sample came on I was ready to get crazy hype..but then it ended. I actually like Em’s singing. “What’s the point of a Recovery if I fumble it” hmmm interesting…
Love Game: This was not what I was expecting at all. I was thinking it would be intense Kenny Ken Kendrick and Em spitting about hating chicks, but this is super groovy. It has a 60s rock sample that just sounds so fun. I wanna walk down the street old school cartoon style with everything having faces and bouncing around while listening to this song. Plus K Dot does his weird funky voice thing. One of my favorites tracks off of this album.
Headlights: huh… this one’s unexpected. Nice that he’s reflective though.
Evil Twin: Got that Slim thing going on. I LOOOVEEEE IT.

quick video of Joey Bada$$, Ab-Soul, and Kirk Knight getting arrested!

Joey Bada$$ – My Jeep ft Issa Gold, Meechy Darko, Chuck Strangers  (video) 7.5/10
Idk if you guys know what the Beast Coast is, but if you don’t…you should. Beast Coast is a New York hip-hop movement consisting of the Progressive Era (Pro Era) with keys members Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, and former member who passed away and my personal favorite MC in the group, Capital Steez, as well as other Beast Coast affiliates Flatbush Zombies (who are playing at the New Parish in Oakland until the 29th!) consisting of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Eric Arc Elliot the Architect (a bomb-ass producer), and the last affiliate the Underachievers consisting of members Issa Dash (or Issa Gold idk since he switches up his name) and AK. Pretty much if you like dope music you’ll proooobably like the Beast Coast. Pro Era is a bit jazzier and smoother, Flatbush Zombies are almost like punk hip-hop at times, especially with their newest mixtape BetterOffDead (click the underlined Flatbush to check it out), and the Underachievers are a bit more spacey with their beats and flows. Anyway… this song was pretty cool, but to be honest I think they work better when they’re doing their own styles. The beat wasn’t boom bap/90s jazz-hop enough for Joey Bada$$, not hard hitting enough for Meechy, and not spacey enough for Issa. Plus I mean why did they get Chuck Strangers to do the chorus? I think T’nah Apex (who did the chorus for Joey Bada$$’ Snakes) would have done a better job. Either way it’s a dope track.

Childish Gambino (??? It’s some new song that he debuted at a show in Las Vegas) (vide0) can’treallyhearit/10
I’m digging the trap beat, but I have no clue what’s going on with this song besides that. I figure when he drops his new album on December 10th 2013.

Chief Keef- Almighty So (free dl) 2/10
Chief Keef is a weird dude. I love some of his music, but the I hate a solid 99% of it. 3HunnaLove Sosa, I Don’t LikeI Don’t Like Remix, and Hold My Liquor are dope ass songs, but his other tracks are eh. Not even eh. They’re straight up whack. That’s that shit I don’t like. Suckas this song didn’t even sound on beat half of the time. Ape Shit reminded me of the TTG beat from Flockaveli but worse. If you guys want to hear the worst song ever recorded listen to I Kno. I mean this shit is so bad. This is next level bad. Next level bad. The worst song ever recorded prior to I Kno is now the second worst song. I mean…  :|  <btdubs you can click the face. There are a lot of really ok and eh songs on here, but really no reason to pick it up. Yesterday has a pretty cool beat though actually. Actually I dig Yesterday.

Vic Mensa – INNANETAPE (free dl) dope/10 7.5/10 (CHECK OUT THIS ONEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
I’ve never heard of Vic Mensa until a couple of weeks ago when my buddy Joe told me to check out this mixtape. I actually didn’t want to, so I just dl’d it and ignored it… which I regret now. Apparently Vic and Chance the Rapper grew up together in Chicago which is why that have similar voices at times. I actually really like Chance’s weird reggae flow+weird “ACK!” sounds and voice, and Vic seems like a more mature Chance to me at times. Lots of boom bap 90s inspired beats on here, but his flow and sound is definitely modern. Def jazz influences in the beats, which I really enjoyed. Orange Soda is really boom bappy and a bit jazzy near the end. Lovely Day is way jazzier and reminds of house music+jazz. I think that Vic’s only shortcoming on this tape is his continual use of just rapping a million syllables in one verse. He does that thing where his lines just run, which is really cool, but it’s like in every single song. Kinda too technical you know? Tweakin is dope and features Chance the Rapper with his ACKS! Holy Holy is dope too. Damn too many songs on here are dope. Holy Holy features Ab-Soul the Black Lip Bastard and BJ the Chicago Kid and is probably my favorite song off the tape. The sound is a lot different from the rest of the tape though, so don’t judge the tape based on this song. If you guys don’t know Ab-Soul check out his song “The Book of Soul” from Control Systems (fun fact: that same sample appears on a beat by MF DOOM called Burdock Root). It’s about how he lost the love of his life, and his verse on Holy Holy is continuous from that track.

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