New Music 10.9.2013

Flatbush Zombies- BetterOffDead 7/10
These guys are crazy dope with hella unique flows. Eric Arc Elliot has ridiculously clean/ production. Check them out if you like Pro Era, Gravediggaz, or darker hip-hop or hip-hop with boom-bap production in general. Check out AmeriKKKan Pie, Bliss, MRAZ, and Palm Trees.

Danny Brown – OLD (technically not out on CD yet. Sorry about the shitty quality) 8.5/10
First of all guys if you’re sleeping on Danny Brown idk how to handle you. Danny Brown is just a bomb ass rapper in general and that’s all there is to it. If you’re into A$AP, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Freddie Gibbs then good for you because they’re all featured on here. I can’t even be like “ayo if you like x and y and z check out Danny” because he’s unique as fuck. Check out Smokin and Drinking, Side A, Side B [Dope Song], the Return specifically.

Deltron 3030 Event II 7.5/10
I’m sure you guys are all familiar with Deltron 3030 but if you’re not here it goes. Del = Del the Funky Homosapien from Hieroglyphics. You might also know him from his work with the Gorillaz. Tron= Dan the Automator. Dan is a crraaaaaazy producer. Once again a lot of work with the Gorillaz, but also with Dr. Octagonocologist, Handsome Boy Modeling School, etc. 3030= Kid Koala (I acutally don’t know if 3030 comes from Kid Koala but the other ones fit so Ima just go with it) is a dope ass DJ. You might know him from his turntablism albums “Some of my Best Friends are DJs” and “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. Deltron 3030 is a concept album about rapping in the year 3030, and it’s incredibly unique. Idk how to explain it relative to other artists, but if you want to get a good understand of them check the song The Return. It’d def be better to check out Deltron 3030 (the first album)

Freddie Gibbs x Madlib – Deeper 7/10
Freddie Gibbs=the only gangster rapper out there who actually hustles on the daily. Madlib=genius producer. Madvillain? That was Madlib. Mos Def? Yeah Madlib’s produced for him. Ain’t no thang for Gibbs and Madlib. Deeper is part of a bigger ongoing collab project between Gibbs and Madlib, my fav so far is “Thuggin” check it out yo. Check him out if you’re into 90s gangster shit. Gibbs has that OG flow straight from the gangster era.

Pusha T – My Name is My Name (stream not a dl) 7/10
Ayo Pusha T is half of Clipse. Clipse is a group from the 2000s featuring No Malice and Pusha T with music produced by the Neptunes (Pharrell). This music is straight up minimal. Idk how else to explain it, but it sounds like the production team only wanted 5 sounds on each song and came out with this. The songs bang hella hard and make you do the Pusha nod in your seat while you’re doing chem hw. If you’re into new Kanye (MDBTF, Cruel Summer, Yeezus) check out Pusha fosho.

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  1. Karolina says:

    Poczęści zgadzam się z tym co zostało napisanę, ale nie do końca. Jak przemyślę sprawę to napisze o co mi chodzi.

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