New Music 11.13.2013

Ayo let’s get in it~


Elzhi-Pressure (stream) shortbutsweet/10
Apparently Elzhi is coming out with a new album through kickstarter so that’s kinda cool. This song is short (1:20) but it’s a pretty cool track. Nothing about it really stood out for me to be honest though. It was still pretty cool. I like the production on the song a lot, but it’s too short for me to really say a lot about it.

Hopsin- Rip Your Heart Out ft. Tech N9ne (video stream) betterthanIthoughtItwouldbe/10
I’m not a huge Hopsin fan. I think he’s a good rapper, but I mean he always talks about how much he hates rap/rappers and it gets kinda old after a while. Tech N9ne is usually pretty hit or miss for me, but that being said this song is well done in my opinion. The beat works for both of them, and I’m digging Hopsin’s more intense voice compared to his usual stuff. Hop goes in on his…3rd verse? Maybe it was his 2nd? It’s structured kind of weird, but both of them go in on this song. Check it out if you like intense rap voices, fast flows, or fast driving beats.

The Weeknd- Devil May Cry (stream)
I don’t really like the Weeknd, but I figured some of you guys probably do. Apparently it’s from the new Hunger Games trailer. I also don’t like the Hunger games…


So guys this week I actually didn’t listen to any new hip-hop albums so I have nothing for you guys…but… I did listen to the new Lady Gaga album, and it’s… kinda eh. I can’t find a stream for it, and I actually just found a leak online. There is one hip-hop song on the album called Jewels n Drugs featuring TI, Too Short, and Twista, and that song is kinda whack except for Twista’s part so… kinda tough to review for a hip-hop club.

Death Grips-Government Plates (dl)
Ayo I haven’t listened to this, since it literally just came out, but if you guys are into Death Grips you might wanna check it out. Death Grips are an alternative(?) hip-hop group from Sacramento, and are famous for their unique sound. Death Grips is hard to really compare to anything else, but I would say it’s sort of like punk hip-hop. It definitely has punk influences, but also electronic, but also some sort of harder metal influences too. Definitely check them out if you want a really unique sound.

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