New Music 11.20.2013

Ayooooo guys what is up? Before we start anything… OUTKAST REUNION 2014?!?! I know that source is kind of sketch… so take it with a grain of salt fosho. I hope your week has gone by smoothly, and a quick shout out to Wes who just had his birthday last Sunday!
Let’s get going with:


Schoolboy Q- Man of the Year (stream) hella bangs tho
Along with Collared Greens, Yay Yay, Hell of a Night, Banger, and Gangsta (if you haven’t checked his other songs check ‘em out in that order), Man of the Year is another track released from Q’s upcoming sophomore album, “Oxymoron”. I thought this song was pretty ok, but not what I wanted from Q. I love Q’s bangers, but I want some of that more introspective shit, or more of that goofy ass shit he does sometimes. I can’t really complain though, because as a single it definitely delivers. This is the perfect shit to listen to as you drive home in the middle of the night. I also kinda thin that this song has a WAAAAAAY better chorus than some of his other new releases e.g the chorus from Gangsta:

“Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
We, gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, G
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta, groove
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
I’m gangsta, gangsta, gangsta G
They want that gangsta shit!
Knock knock knock yawk (yawk yawk yawk) Gangsta shit! (x3)”

This song definitely has that Schoolboy Q sound, and if you like newer production styles (think Clams Casino, or Hit-Boy) you’ll dig this song.

Freddie Gibbs- Keep it on the Real ft. G-Wiz, G.I. Fleezy (video) gangster rap
A while ago I read somewhere that there are no more gangster rappers, and that instead we have trap. Whoever wrote that was fosho sleeping on Freddie Gibbs aka Gangsta Gibbs. Freddie Gibbs is honestly too dope to not like. “Thuggin in the East Bay, only smoke on that Cali you know how we play” dude Freddie Gibbs just gave a shout out to East Bay. If you like that 90s g-funk influenced west coast gangsta rap you’re gonna love this song.


Death Grips- Government Plates (stream)
I gotta be honest with you guys, I’m actually kinda scared of MC Ride. I’m from Sacramento (where Death Grips are from) so I’m scared that if I say his name out loud he’ll find me. Uhh you know to be honest I’m not a huge fan of Death Grips. I’m a pretty mellow guy, so I’m never really in the need for music this intense. That being said, this is my favorite Death Grips release fosho, and maybe because it’s the least aggressive project they’ve released. Most of the beats on here are straight up ridiculously dope. The song “Government Plates” has this erratic electronic beat that makes me think this is what Kanye was really trying to go for (I think Kanye was hella influenced by Death Grips in general for Yeezus),  and “This is Violence Now” is honestly such a dope ass beat. If you’re into crazy punkish, electroish, rapish, industrialish music you’ll like this.

Mac Miller- Delusional Thomas (free dl)
So Micky Mac Miller is here doing his thing and it’s… cool I guess. I feel like Mac Miller suffers from a syndrome where he sounds like other rappers a lot of times, and that he hasn’t really found his own style. On his sophomore album, “Watching Movies with the Sound Off”, Mac Miller seemed to sound like either a TDE member or an OF member at anytime, and never really sounded like a unique individual (that being said, there’s nothing really wrong with that, it’s just that he seems to have two polarizing voices which happen to be TDE and OF inspired). Delusional Thomas is a really OF inspired low-key horrorcore album that even has a feature from OF low-key horrorcore rapper Earl Sweatshirt. I thought that the mixtape had a really consistent sound, which is good and bad I suppose. Mac Miller has the vocals pitch shifted which creates a cool Quasimoto/Madlib Delusional Thomas/Mac Miller parallel, but idk if other people will really like it, because it’s the exact opposite of the trendy DJ Screw dropped vocals. Earl Sweatshirt had a pretty dope verse on the song, “Bill”… but he also already spit part of that verse on a freestyle on Sway in the Morning. If you’re thinking about checking out the mixtape, listen to “Bill” and “Grandpa Used to Carry a Flask”. Those aren’t necessarily stand out tracks, but they’ll give you the best taste of what the mixtape is about. If you like Tyler the Creator, Earl, or Mac Miller when he’s doing his OF style of rapping, you’ll def like Delusional Thomas.

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