New Music 11.6.2013

First of all sorry this one is kinda late. Also my bad for not showing up to the meeting this wednesday. I had a pretty whack work schedule.
Mega whack.

Annnnyyywaaaay let’s get started with some new music!

Busta Rhymes ft. Q-Tip, Lil Wayne, Kanye West- THANK YOU (stream) toodope/10
This song is heeellllllllaaaaaaaa dope. I know that Busta is planning on coming out with a new album soon, and has dropped another new song from the album including Twerk It ft Nicki Minaj , which was kinda whack in my opinion. BUT MAN THIS SONG IS DOPE. Wayne and Kanye only provide adlibs and the intro, so they’re pretty much not even on this song, so you have a Busta x Q-Tip song…. and it works so well. I don’t know how a beat can be perfect for Busta and the Abstract, but this beat is, and is apparently produced by Busta too. This  is a happy sounding chill song, with 2 rappers that go in hard.
Action Bronson – Blue Chips 2 (free dl)  8/10
I actually gave this one a rating because I like it. Idk if you guys are familiar with Action Bronson aka Bronsolino, but he’s a dope ass NY rapper. He sounds like Ghostface. He has hella colorful rhymes:

With my hair slicked back I look like Rick Pitino/
3 Japanese dykes in my El Camino

anyway, this mixtape is an awesome sequel to his 2012 mixtape Blue Chips . The beats he rhymes on are always kinda boom bappy, kinda new school, kinda unique, kinda crazy. I love it. Check out Through the Eyes of a G, 9.24.13, and the Don’s Cheek. All tooo dope. Or check out my fav Bronson track Steve Wynn.
Flume: Flume (stream) 7/10
I thought this mixtape/album (idk which it is) was actually pretty cool. I’ve never heard of him before, but apparently he is an Austrailian EDM producer, but this album is fosho hippity hoppity. He definitely has a specific style of production with airy/spacey over the top beats. Nothing wrong with that, but it seems kind of overly dramatic at times. No track really stood out for me, but this is a solid project. Check the Ghostface feature on the Space Cadet, and Freddie Gibbs on Holdin On. Actually I really like the song Holdin On. Yeah check out that one.
MIA-Mitangi  (video stream) didn’t listen to it all/10
I didn’t listen to all of this album so I shouldn’t really review it. What I did hear though is pretty dope. If you guys like MIA you’ll like this album for sure. I’m not the biggest fan, but I appreciated it.
Eminem/Slaughterhouse Cypher (video) 8/10
I thought this cypher was pretty cool. Honestly I thought that Em’s part was the weakest, but that might be because I was expecting the most out of him. I thought the whole, “ayo i gotta spit it acapella” shit was kinda whack to be honest. Check it out though if you’re a fan of Em or Slaughterhouse though, it’s still pretty cool.

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