New Music 12.4.2013

Ayo guys sorry that we haven’t had a New Music post in a while, Thanksgiving and such.

Annnnnyyyywaaay let’s get started with…


A$AP Nast- Trillmatic ft. Method Man (stream)
A$AP Mob is a really interesting group in my opinion. In 2011 unknown rapper A$AP Rocky blew up overnight with songs like Purple Swag and Peso, and by 2012 he became one of the biggest names in hip-hop with his debut mixtape LiveLoveA$AP, and his debut album which leaked in late 2012, LongLiveA$AP. Earlier this year, A$AP Ferg went from having a few features on the A$AP Mob mixtape, and Rocky’s tracks to releasing one of the best albums (in my opinion) of 2013, Trap Lord. Looks like the next rapper in line for the A$AP Yams (the man pulling the strings behind the A$AP Mob) treatment is A$AP Nast, who is the next strongest rapper in the group in my opinion. The cool thing is that each of these rappers have their own unique sound, but still have a cohesive sound together. Rocky has that trill/cloud rap sound, Ferg has that bone thugs/trap sound, and Nast has a 80-90s boom bap sound.

Eminem- Rap God (music video)
It’s cool beans. It’s actually a realllly dope music video, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

Krayzie Bone- Clash of the Titans (video stream)
Not gonna lie I wasn’t expecting this at all! Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs decided to drop a remix of Em’s “Rap God” called Clash of the Titans, where he goes IN! Def check it out if you’re into Krayzie Bone, Bone Thugs, or ridiculous spitting in general.


Childish Gambino- Because of the Internet (stream)
This album is actually pretty dope. I’ve never been a huge fan of CG, but I’ve liked bits and pieces of things he’s done before. In my opinion Royalty is the dopest of the dope, but primarily due to the ridiculous features (Bun B, Ab- Soul, Q, RZA…). This album is definitely a CG album instead of a CG+features album. This is definitely something to listen to in its entirety, and it’s honestly a pretty quick listen so there’s no reason not to. Check out “WorldStar”, “3005″, “The Worst Guys” and/or “Sweatpants”. I like Sweatpants.


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