New Music 2.7.2014

Yooo guys what’s good? Sorry I didn’t put this up earlier, it’s because I’m a lazy piece of shit. Btw do any of you guys actually read this?


Mobb Deep- Taking You Off Here
ooo so Mobb Deep is supposed to release a new album sometimeish called, “The Infamous” lol. Anyway this is new Mobb Deep. If you like Mobb Deep you’ll probably like this. Or maybe not. Idk, since I’m not a Mobb Deep fan. Shook Ones pt II was cool, but that’s about it for me. Sorry :/

Lupe Fiasco- THOT 97 straight up Lupe banger
Yoooo if you guys are into Lupe check this out fosho. Keep in mind tho, that Lupe is going for a trap thing these days. If you’re looking for smooth FL/Cool Lupe then maybe this isn’t for you, but if you’re into straight up bangers with Lupe then this is for you. Idk what else to say about this. It’s literally a lyrical Lupe banger. (btdubs THOT stands for That Hoe/Hottie Over There).

Future- Move that Dope ft Pusha T, Pharrell, Casino
I thought this was a dope song. Hehehe. Annnnyway Pusha T doing his thing where all he ever talks about is dope. Future is cool, but I’ve never been a huge fan or anything. I’ve also never heard of Casino ever. Buuuuuuut this song is worth it for Pharrell. Probably top 10 best MC/Producers for me.

Rick Ross- Oyster Perpetual
You know I think that Rick Ross is actually a pretty good rapper. He has a smoothass flow fosho.


I don’t think there are any new albums, or new mixtapes this week. Not that I know of anyway. Well there is technically this:

Yeezus II (the Art Edition) – Unofficial Remixes of Yeezus
Over at KTT some people put this together. It’s actually really dope. Check out Black Yeezus, which is the original Black Skinhead as performed on SNL. Fun Fact: There are multiple different versions of Black Skinhead out. The SNL performance, the Yeezus leak, and the studio album are all slightly different. Whoo. Anyway Yeezus 2 (live) is also a great track. I think it’s Kanye’s performance of Bound 2 on Jimmy Fallon or something. Yo I gotta be honest guys, I think that Yeezus is a good album. I’d put it above WTT and Cruel Summer, and maybe above Graduation.

Older Albums/Mixtapes

Audio Push- Come As You Are (free dl)
Yoo so you guys may know Audio Push as the “Teach Me How to Jerk” guys, but this mixtape is really not like that song. I guess sorry if Teach Me How to Jerk was your song or whatever, but I think this direction they’re going is better. Check out “Shine On” for a nice chill sound.

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  1. Waldek says:

    Poczęści zgadzam się z tym co zostało napisanę, ale nie do końca. Jak przemyślę sprawę to napisze o co mi chodzi.

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