New Music 3.2014

Yo guys admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve had a couple rough weeks, but I’m back with vengeance.  That being said, hella new music has been dropping left and right so let’s get right into it.


Meechy Darko- The Baby of Rosemary’s Baby (stream)
This song is so chill I can’t stand it. Meechy Darko is a member of the Flatbush Zombies, and this features him with production form Eric Arc Elliot aka the Architect, the producer/mc killer from Flatbush as well. The beat is almost psychedelic, but not? I don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s so dope.

Beyonce- Drunk in Love ft Kanye West & Jay Z (stream)
Honestly I’m a huge Kanye fan. I’m a bigger Kanye fan than Wes is a Kanye hater, and that’s saying a lot. It took a me a while to find the right version, because some of them are pitched up or down as to avoid copyright infringement I guess. Anyway Kanye blessed us with the dope ass remix. Yeezy season’s approaching…

ScHoolboy Q- Californication ft A$AP Rocky
Technically this should be part of the Oxymoron tracklist, but I excluded it since it’s a bonus track. A$AP and Q have a history of making collab tracks together, so I was hella hyped for this one. To be honest thought I think it’s on the weaker side of their collab songs, with the order from best to worst going Brand New Guy, Hands on the Wheel, Californication, PMW. But that’s just me.


ScHoolboy Q- Oxymoron
ScHoolboy Q is an LA based rapper in the record label TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) as well as rap supergroup Black Hippy with Jay Rock, Ab- Soul, and Kendrick Lamar aka Benz is to him just a car. ScHoolboy Q is apparently one of the last gangsta rappers (I say apparently because Jay Rock and Freddie Gibbs are still out doing actual gangsta rap but whatever, I’m not sour), and this album reflects it well. Q is by no means a lyrical rapper, and he’s by no means game changing, but what he does he does well. I think of him as a jack of all trades kinda guy, but that’s not to say this album isn’t hella dope at times. Gangsta, Collared Greens, Man of the Year, Hell of a Night are all dope songs…but we’ve heard them before since they all dropped before the album. I call this Cruel Summer syndrome. Anyway out of the “new” songs on this album I fosho dig Los Awesome, and the Purge. I thought it was kind of weird how much he used his daughter in this though. I guess it’s supposed to be a juxtaposition between him being a father and gangster or whatever… but I feel like it’s kinda weird…

Rick Ross- Mastermind
This album is actually really, really nice. I’m not a huge Rick Ross fan, and to be honest I can’t really say that I’ve listened to much of his stuff. I listened to… God Forgives I Don’t pretty much exclusively for 16 with Andre 3K. If you haven’t listened to that song check it out right now. Like right now. I’ll wait. Anyway this album is really nice in general. Not a “nice for Ricky Rossay nah’msayin?” kinda thing, but this is just a nice album. Very… MBDTFesque I guess. Not on the same level, but I feel like a similar cinematic feel was in the album. Check out Sanctified for sure. Not just because Kanye is featured in the song… but mostly for that reason. I toooold you it’s Yeezy season.

Kid Cudi- Satellite Flight
Hmmmm idk what to think about this. First of all I’m pretty neutral with Cudi. Day n Nite was dope, but I feel like Cudi fans are the, “omg day n nite wasn’t even his best song omg omg you don’t even know cudders like I do omg I love him” type you know? I know a lot of people are hardcore MoTM fans who hate on everything else he does and I mean that’s cool beans I guess. Anyway if you’re looking for MotM hybrid rap-sing songs you’ll probably want to ignore this. If you want Cudi being Cudi you’ll probably like this. I don’t know. I was pretty neutral with this.

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    Oby więcej takich artykułów!

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    Oby więcej takich artykułów!

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