New Music 10/2/2014

Hey what’s up guys, it’s been a while. Like a year or something. Damn I’m hella whack at this, but I’ll be better. I’m sure you guys have all heard this stuff by now, but it’s still worth mentioning. I’ll start adding smaller things soon too.


Flying Lotus- You’re Dead! Check out Never Catch Me ft Kendrick Lamar (music video) and Dead Man’s Tetris ft Snoop and Captain Murphy (Captain Murphy is FlyLo’s rapping alter-ego).


Big K.R.I.T- See Me On Top 4: Check out Mt. Olympus (music video)

Childish Gambino- STN MTN: Check out Candler Road


Kendrick Lamar- i 

Clockwork Indigo (Flatbush Zombies & the Underachievers)- Butterfly Effect

Joey Bada$$- Christ Conscious (music video)

Joey Bada$$- Get Paid

Logic- Under Pressure (yo isn’t the end just like Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst…?)



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